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The “Delta Squares” Square Dance Club started in January 1993 with 8 dancers, just enough for one square.  A lady by the name of “Marge” was the catalyst behind the beginning of Square Dancing in Oakley. Marge decided she wanted to learn to dance and so recruited 7 others to join her.  By September 1993, the bug had bitten and everyone was ready to start a beginner’s class.  It is said that Marge WebMikerecruited at least 90% of the class which totaled enough interested dancers to have four squares (32 dancers). So class began.  Mike Amell was hired to call for the club and Mike is our caller today.    

The club first danced at a church on the corner of O’Hara and Main Street in Oakley. From there they moved to various elementary schools throughout Oakley, finally settling at Laurel Elementary School, home until the move to the Brentwood Senior Activity Center in July 2019.

With the first beginner’s class being comprised of “all” new dancers, everyone learned together.  Mike was able to start from the beginning and take everyone through at the same pace.  When the dancers felt they were “experienced” enough to strike out and attend hoedowns at other clubs, they traveled as a group.  This developed a very strong relationship and made quite a strong showing to other clubs.  So they continued to learn and grow together.

From the beginning, dancers with the club knew they enjoyed socializing, laughing, having fun with good people, sharing good food at potlucks, and dancing, of course.  Then one of the couples bought a trailer and lit a fire under everyone else.  Soon, many of the couples had RV’s or webdIMG_3754trailers and the club was traveling together to Hoedowns, Wing Dings, and other Square Dance’s statewide.  They not only danced but shared life over campfires and potlucks.

Three couples of the original beginner’s class are active with the club today and we are so excited when new dancers join us, not only for dancing but to become our friends and enjoy eating, laughing, and of course dancing.

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