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Club Newsletter:

Welcome to the Delta Squares. We have many strengths, and the most important is that we all are willing to help one another. Problems can occur, whether in the square or just through life. Life can be stressful sometimes and we all sometimes forget how we’ve made it thus far.

Special Thanks are extended to every member of our Delta Squares family. We are all stronger together.

Have a “Swinging” year and we look forward to “Weaving the Ring” with new friends, “Circulating” amongst our square dance family, making a few “Wheels and Deals”, “Relaying the Deucey” and “Spinning the Top” with wonderful people.

Hoedowns & Festivals
Our home page banner lists some Plus-level hoedowns and below. For detailed information about non-club events, visit www.ncsda.com.

Special Dates to Remember
Jan   1 – New Year’s Day!
Jan   3 – Happy Birthday Mark
Jan   7 – Happy Anniversary Leon & Debbie
Jan 10 – Happy Birthday Bryan
Jan 29 – Happy Birthday Tom

Feb  5 – Happy Anniversary Wayne & Karen
Feb  8 – Happy Birthday Ann
Feb 13 – Happy Anniversary Jim & Catherine
Feb 11 – Valentine’s Day!
Feb 19 – Happy Birthday Corliss
Feb 28 – Happy Anniversary Renee

Mar  1 – Happy Birthday Dave
Mar 15 – Happy Anniversary Bob & Patti
Mar 17 – Happy Birthday Dan
Mar 17  – St. Patrick's Day!
Mar 20 – First Day of Spring!
Mar 29 – Happy Anniversary Dan & Sandy

Apr 12 – Happy Birthday Donna
Apr 16 – Happy Easter!

May 8 – Happy Birthday Leon
May 9 – Happy Birthday Tamara
May 11 – Happy Birthday Dwayne
May 18 – Happy Anniversary Don & Corliss
May 29  – Memorial Day!
May 31 – Happy Birthday Mike

Jun 11 – Happy Birthday Don
Jun 13 – Happy Birthday Drinda
Jun 20 – Happy Birthday Vicky
Jun 20  – 1st Day of Summer!
Jun 22 – Happy Birthday Darlene
Jun 28 – Happy Anniversary Tom & Vicky
Jun 28 – Happy Birthday Renee

Jul 2 – Happy Anniversary Dave & Mark
Jul 4  – Independence Day!
Jul 7 – Happy Birthday Janeen
Jul 12 – Happy Birthday Wayne
Jul 15 – Happy Anniversary Fred & Ann
Jul 27 – Happy Birthday Patti

Aug 3 – Happy Birthday Bob

Sep 2  – Labor Day!
Sep 5  – Happy Birthday Jim
Sep 7  – Happy Birthday Matt
Sep 20 – Happy Birthday Catherine
Sep 22 – Happy Birthday Tom

Oct 2 - Happy Birthday Anna
Oct 5 – Happy Anniversary Mike & Darlene
Oct 8 – Happy Birthday Fred
Oct 31  – Halloween!

Nov 11 – Veteran’s Day!
Nov 16 – Happy Birthday Sandy
Nov 19 – Happy Birthday Pat
Nov 22 – Happy Birthday Carol
Nov 26 – Happy Birthday Karen
Nov 28 – Happy Thanksgiving!

Dec 12 – Hanukkah Begins!
Dec 19 – Happy Birthday Debbie
Dec 20 – Happy Birthday Midirise
Dec 21 – First Day of Winter!
Dec 25 – Merry Christmas!

Promote Delta Squares
Tell your friends about our club and all of our activities … bring them to party night! Visit our website at www.deltasquares.com. LIKE us on Facebook at “Delta Squares.” Our email is delta.squares@yahoo.com. 

We have year-round recycling of aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Ann and Fred are collecting for the club. Any contributions can be brought to club on Wednesday night and Midirise will take them home. Big thanks to Midirise!

Sewing – Call Leslie for alterations and sewing needs, 925-518-6684.
Fred’s Fast Plumbing – Call Fred for all your plumbing needs: 925-219-2709.
Photos by Jackie Lee – Jack & Catherine specialize in portrait & event photography;   925-325-6306  www.photosbyjackielee.com     
Editor’s Note: This newsletter communicates our members’ ideas and thoughts. If you have suggestions, recipes, sewing tips, places to buy square dance apparel, thoughts on club activities, jokes, items for sale or items you want to buy, dancing tips, or tips of any kind, please forward them to:delta.squares@yahoo.com, so we can share them with our club members.

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